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SURfaPLUS develops, tests and sells adjuvants for agrochemicals. Adjuvants, if applied correctly, enhance the performance of agrochemicals (pesticides, growth retardants and fertilisers). SURfaPLUS exists since 2001 and is located in Wageningen, The Netherlands.


Employees SURfaPLUS

Hans de Ruiter: owner and projectleader for development and testing of adjuvants
Elizabeth Barka: finances and logistics
Gert van den Berg: editor / public relations

SURfaPLUS partners

SURfaPLUS collaborates with the partners:
Botany B.V.: research facilities
Plant Research International: research
DLV Plant: applied research and advices
Riksen/Farmusol: warehouse and transport of products
Multfill: repackaging of products
Synerlogic: repackaging of products
Webdesigning.nl: website development